How do I start the process of purchasing a puppy from you?

Contact us with the puppy’s information you are interested in. The best way to do this is by e-mail, direct message on one of our social media platforms or by phone. 

If you have picked a puppy that is currently not ready to leave the nest and listed on our website as "available", we will email a deposit contract for that specific puppy to you. You will be required to read, sign, scan, and email the signed contract back to us within 24 hours. Your deposit will then be due (deposits are $500 for pet and 1k for full AKC). The puppy will be placed as "RESERVED" on our website until it's ready to go home. All payments are due in full when your puooy is picked up or delivered to you. You can always pay ahead of time or in payments but all payments are due by the time your puppy is 8 weeks old. We do not offer payment plans or financing at this time.

What are your accepted methods of payment after the deposit?

We  accept CASH payments for our puppies, or you may use a credit/debit card via Square (which charge you a 3% processing fee).  You must pay the final balance on the day we deliver your puppy to you, or when you come pick up your puppy.  
How Does the waitlist work?

We do not do a formal waitlist for futurelitters but we will post puppies on our social media as soon as they are born. Individual photos will be posted on the website and puppies will be available at 3 weeks. If you are seriously interested in a puppy that is not 3 weeks and hasn't been posted as available, please reach out to us ASAP so we can waitlist you for that particular puppy. Once the puppy is ready for deposit we will contact all parties interested in order. At that point, a deposit needs to be placed to hold or we will contact the next person in line. 

What is the best way to send my deposit?

Zelle, Paypal or Venmo
Or request an invoice from us to use a cerdit/debit card via Square

Does the deposit get applied to the purchase price of the puppy?

Yes, the deposit is applied to the purchase price of the puppy.  

When do the puppies go in for their first health checks?

We usually schedule a C-section for momma dogs therefore the puppies will receive their first wellness check they day they are born at our vet’s office. We take each litter in again at 3-5 days old for dewclaw removal & full health exams.

At what age do you allow puppies to go home?

Puppies can go to their new homes if you are not purchasing a puppy training package at 8 weeks. Sometimes we will hold puppies back if they are smaller or not yet ready for transport (generally 9-10 weeks).

Does the listed price include full AKC registration?

The listed price of each puppy is their current price and will indicate pet home or full AKC (breeding rights). We, along with our vet will determine if a puppy is breeding quality or not based on confirmation and health. If you are interested in breeding rights or intend to show your dog, you will need full AKC registration.

Do you ship puppies?

We take our Frenchie puppies on flights as carry-ons and hand deliver them to their new owners at their nearest major airport! If you are not able to come to our home to pick up your new puppy, this is the least stressful means of transportation because he/she will be pampered in the climate controlled cabin in the constant care by our flight nanny Kris. We are able to bring your puppy at any time of the year and to any major airport in the US, generally for an average fee of $350-$500.  International shipping is possible on a case-by-case basis (international shipping fee is typically $800-$1200).

Ground transportation can be arranged with a number of companies/individuals, but it is certainly not ideal as it can be harder on the dogs and it is generally quite expensive.

Will my puppy come with a health guarantee?

YES! All of our French bulldogs some with a 1-2 year congenital/hereditary written health guarantee. 

Do you provide stud services?

We do have hand picked studs available. Information/fees can be found here:

Stud Services